Mould Solutions

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Quick Facts About Mould

Purify Enviro Group offers a wide variety of mould services and products for homes and businesses, including our proprietary Mold Be Gone formulation, free on-site inspections, remediation services, whole-home air and surface treatments, and even DIY solutions.

Industry-standard, bleach wipe downs and demo projects don’t deal with the airborne mould spores that have found their way throughout the property. Those traditional, yet ineffective, remedies only address the cosmetic part of the problem. Removing the visible contaminated materials does not necessarily improve the air quality and overall living environment. There is nothing that bleach, toxic chemical remediation and/or demolition can do about the potentially harmful mould spores that could cause adverse health problems for any occupants.

How to treat the mould?

People often ask what kills mould. They want to know what to use safely and effectively. Unfortunately, we have found that many people have incorrect information on killing moulds and often spend time, energy, and money trying to kill mould with inadequate products and techniques.

Not only does it waste time, energy, and money, but the mould grows and spreads in greater amounts than they started with.

Mold Be Gone is a completely SAFE mould remediation product which is a hypochlorous acid-based mixture of targeted essential oils. Purify Enviro Group disperses it, as a liquid, using a Graco Sani Sprayer, (as well as an aerosol fogger) that permeates soft surfaces such as carpets, drapes, furniture, clothing and can travel into every crack and crevice of your home.

A healthier home starts with the inside. Don’t live with a musty, damp basement or crawlspace any longer

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